40 Weird Photos From History

25. Beautiful Suicide — A young woman artfully arranged on a plastic sheet after having committed suicide.

Beautiful Suicide


26.  Annette Kellerman Advocating Women’s Bathing Suit Rights — Taken in 1907 and shows Annette Kellerman wearing a fitted, one-piece bathing suit, advocating a woman’s right to do so.  She was arrested for indecency.

Annette Kellerman Advocating Women's Bathing Suit Rights

27. Acid Poured Into Pool With Black Family — Taken in 1964 it shows the owner of a hotel gleefully pouring acid into a swimming pool while a black family is in it.

Acid Poured Into Pool


28. Take Your Atabrine — An advertisement for Atabrine, which was an anti-malaria drug used during WWII.  Two skeletons are clinging with their toothless mouths to the top of a sign reading:  “These Men DIDN’T TAKE THEIR ATABRINE.

Take Your Atabrine