40 Weird Photos From History

21. Young Girl With Artificial Legs 1890 — Now here comes a more sobering picture which signals the beginning of a more somber mood, a girl in 1890 with the current version of artificial legs.

Artificial Legs 1890


22.  Hindenburg Crashing — Truly disturbing.  It features a full shot of the Hindenburg as it fell to its doom in flames.

Hindenburg Crashing

23. Disneyland Employee Cafeteria 1961 — A lunch line consisting of Snow White, an Indian, a man wearing a space suit, a small child in Hawaiian garb, and Goofy.

Disneyland Employee Cafeteria 1961


24. Children For Sale 1948 — A mother covering her face, ashamed to have posted a sign listing her four children as being for sale.

Children For Sale 1948