40 Weird Photos From History

17. Space Chimp 1961 — The first chimp to survive a mission to outer space. Here the wise guy is shown gleefully holding up a copy of the San Francisco Examiner with the gigantic headline, SPACE CHIMP LIVES.

Space Chimp


18. Berlin Wall 1961 — The raising of the Berlin wall in 1061.  This one speaks for itself.

Berlin Wall 1961

19.  Duck Therapy — A little girl lying in her hospital bed smiling as she watches a quartet of fuzzy yellow ducklings floating in a pool of water.  The idea behind this was to use the baby ducks as therapy animals for children.

Duck Therapy


20. Liquor Hits the Streets During Prohibition Detroit in 1929 — A shot taken during Prohibition in Detroit.  Massive quantities of alcohol are being poured from windows right on to the streets in what looks like a photo of Niagra Falls gone to the city.

Prohibition Detroit in 1929