40 Weird Photos From History

13. Last Prisoners Leaving Alcatraz — A somber line of prisoners all handcuffed and wearing identical prison-issued jackets, leaving Alcatraz in the year 1963.

Prisoners Leaving Alcatraz


14. Little Girl With Doll — Featuring the ruins of war, a 1940 picture of a little girl clutching her doll and sitting among the ruins of what had been her London home before it was bombed.

Little Girl With Doll

15. 1920s Life Guard — A picture of a life guard from the 1920s looking extremely tanned and fit, leaning casually against a roped off area.

1920s Life Guard


16.  Statue of Liberty Unpacked — This was taken as the Statue of Liberty was being unpacked, and is of a man and woman posed alongside of the statue’s face with the woman’s hand placed upon the statue’s lips.

Statue of Liberty Unpacked