40 Weird Photos From History

5. Annie Edison Taylor Took a Barrel Over Niagara Falls —  Annie Edison Taylor, posing beside the barrel bearing her name, which was the exact one she used to become the first person ever to survive going Niagra Falls in a barrel back in 1901.

Annie Edison Taylor


6.  Young Charlie Chaplin — A 27 year old Charlie Chaplin, taken in 1916.  One of the rare ones in which the man who became known as “the Little Tramp” was actually vaguely smiling.

Young Charlie Chaplin

7. The Original Ronald McDonald 1963 — Only this clown with it’s mop of scraggly orange hair and wacky smile, paper cup planted firmly on nose, seems more likely to scare children away from McDonalds than to lure them to the fast food eatery.

Original Ronald McDonald


8. Walter Yeo Skin Transplant and Plastic Surgery —  A man who, in 1917, was one of the first people to have both a skin transplant and advanced plastic surgery.

Walter Yeo Skin Transplant