25 Cleaning Tricks for the Neat Freak

13.  Clean Washing Machine — Fill the washing machine and add 2 cups of white vinegar.  Allow it to stand for 1 hour, then start up the washing machine and allow it to do a complete cycle.  Once the machine drains, it should be pretty clean. Next you once again fill up the washing machine and this time add 2 cups of bleach.  Leave it to soak for 1 hour.  Restart the washing machine and allow it to complete a full cycle. 

14.  Purifying Light Sanitizing Cutting Board System– Kills 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses, and germs.


15.  Cleaning Your Mattress — Baking soda and any essential oil you choose will do the job.  And vacuuming your mattress.  The baking soda draws up any moisture as well as ground in dirt.  It also deodorizes and you will find your mattress smelling fresh and clean.  The essential oil will leave behind a pleasant scent.

16.  Clean Blinds Using a Sock and Vinegar


17.  Remove Toilet Ring With No Scrubbing — Use a piece of Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser, place it in the toilet for the night.  No ring in the morning.

Remove Toilet Ring

18.  Dust First Then Vacuum — You’ll pick up all the dust that has fallen.


 19.  Take a Shower and Clean the Shower — Use a Scotch Brite dish wand and put 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 dishwashing detergent in it.

20.  Give Everything a Place

via tumblr

via tumblr

21.  Use Lemonade Flavored Kool-Aid to Clean Your Dishwasher

 22.  Use Vinegar for Almost All Cleaning



23.  When Cleaning Bathroom, Fill Tub With Several Inches of the Hottest Water — Heating tile and tub a mere 10 degrees above the normal air temperature will serve to double the effectiveness of alkaline cleansers.


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via hgtv

24.  Clean Baseboards With Fabric Softener Wipes

25.  Clean the Toaster — This is one item that the average person just doesn’t think of cleaning.  If you have a stainless steel toaster, all you have to do is take a little Cream of Tartar and add a few drops of water, then give that toaster a vigorous scrubbing. (areal-lifehousewife)

Clean the Toaster

Watch this video on how to clean the toaster.

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