25 Cleaning Tricks for the Neat Freak

It takes all kinds of people to keep the world turning round. Seems like that’s especially true when it comes to cleanliness. Some are born slobs with homes that look like a cyclone touched down right square in the middle. Others are moderately neat, while yet others are obsessively neat and clean, you know who they are. The neat freaks who get nauseous at the sight of dust or any type of disorder. So here we have 25 meticulous cleaning tricks for that neat freak we all know:

1. Binder Clip/Sponge Stand — Serves to keep the sponge dry instead of wet and revolting.


2.  Clean Lightbulbs With a Microfiber Cloth


3. Microwave Sponge — You don’t need to do this for longer than two minutes while the microwave is on high. Guaranteed to kill nearly all of the germs and bacteria thriving on it and in it. But this method is only effective for nonmetallic sponges.