21 Amazing Alarm Clocks of the World that are sure to wake you up

#1 This alarm clock serves you with bacon as it wakes you up

Besides sound, it also uses smell. It wakes you up with bacon smell.


#2 This one keeps running around your room until you catch it! –

This alarm clock makes sure there no more sleepy heads – you are fully woken up.

via amazon

via amazon

#3 It donates you money –

Every time you hit the snooze button, this alarm clock donates your money to an organization via Wi-Fi. Buy this if you are a zillionaire!

#4 Wake up or get insulted –

The alarm clock has a preloaded set of insults that keep coming out of the sergeant’s mouth until you wake your ass up.

#5 Feeling frustrated? –

“Beat” your Monday morning blues; smash the top of it to switch it off.