20 uses of Coca Cola in our daily life – suggesting it is not meant for intake

Coke has become a popular name in today’s generation. It has gained so much popularity that no one even thinks twice before using it anymore. The beverage though is absolutely poisonous and high on acid levels, so much so that it works best as a cleanser for surfaces. The acidity levels are equivalent to that of battery acids and sometimes it cleanses even better than the toxic household cleaners.


In many third world countries, it is easier to access coke than to access pure water. The company uses public relations propaganda to convince the nations that it is absolutely clean. Research on the other hand claims that people who use soft drinks are 48% more prone to heart diseases and stroke than those who do not consume it every day. A study in Respirology also reveals that soft drink consumption can be directly linked with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and lung disorders.

Carbonation happens by its consumption which only gets cured by calcium loss in the bones. This is how it happens:

  • The carbonation causes irritation in the stomach
  • The stomach then produces an antacid through calcium present in the body, drawing it from the blood
  • Now the lack of calcium in the blood is replenished by calcium present in the bones

This doesn’t end here. Coke also contains Phosphoric acid which draws down the body’s source of calcium. This process is separate from carbonation but with the same effect.