12 creative and unique motorcycles

Motorcycles are always a fantasy factor for men. Celebs from every walk of life have never failed to display their affection for this mode of transportation. Motorcycles seems to be the only vehicle which has a variety of price range and style which makes it easier for people from different demo graph to own it. Some might have love for Harley Davidson, whereas others would have passion for sport bikes. There are some creative lovers too who designed and customized their motorcycles. Today we bring you some of the incredibly designed motorcycles from every corner of the world.

1. Skeleton Bike


Above is a picture of a skeleton bike it weighs 395 kilograms and gives a speed of 90 to 95 miles which is around 144 to 152 kilometers in an hour. This stunner is made of car tyres and the creator of this bike is John Holt from New York City who in past was a metal blender. (source)