10 Worst Business Logos of All Time

Wisdom has it among marketing experts that of major importance as a marketing tool is a good logo design. It gives your business an identity that will stick in people’s minds and comes right out and says exactly who you are. So it goes without saying that every company should know what makes for an effective logo. First and foremost, what a good logo should do is instantly “grab” and keep the viewer’s attention.

A bit of caution here, just because your logo managed to catch the viewer’s eye, that doesn’t always mean your company will be hailed as a marketing genius. There could be a hidden catch you might not see right off.

 1.)  For example, the logo for the Sun Rise Sushi restaurant meant to show a placid image of the sun rising behind a Japanese tea house, well, let’s just say it ended up looking more like a kinky sex act than what was intended.