10 of the Strangest People in the World

1. Ngoc: 30 years without sleeping

Hai Ngoc, a 64 years old man claims that he has not slept since 1973, after getting a fever back then. Since then, he has had around 11,700 continuous sleepless nights. He says that he doesn’t feel any adverse impact of his insomnia on his health and continues to do his work normally as any other person.

When his wife accompanied him to Da Nang for his medical check-up, his reports seemed to be perfect except for a minor problem in the liver. Ngoc presently does farming and looks after the pigs and chickens that he has there. Utilizing his sleepless nights, he has dug two big ponds for fish breeding in 3 months.


2. Bhagat: Who carried his twin brother in his stomach

A resident of Nagpur, Sanju Bhagat had a swollen stomach so much that it resembled a nine month pregnant woman. Bhagat says that he has lived his whole life under the shadow of self-consciousness of his big belly. But in June 1999, something so bizarre came into the light that no one had ever expected even in their wildest dreams! Mehta, his surgeon said that as he cut deeper into his stomach, along with lots of fluid, came out some body parts like limbs, hair, jaws and others.
It seemed as if Bhagat had delivered a baby. In fact, the doctor had taken out the mutated body of a baby from his stomach. They explained that Bhagat was having one of the most abnormal medical conditions known as fetus in fetu. In this rare abnormality, a fetus is trapped within the body of its twin. It gets the blood supply through a structure something like the umbilical cord.

3. Yokoi: spent 28 years in hiding after WWII

Shoichi Yokoi, a soldier of the Imperial Japanese Army was sent to Guam Island in 1941. But when the American forces recaptured the island in 1944, he went into hiding.
After 28 years, in 1972, two inhabitants of Guam discovered Yokoi in a remote area of the island. Yokoi had been hiding himself for all these 28 years in a jungle cave.  He dreaded to come out even after knowing that World War II was over. On his coming back to Japan, he said that he was ashamed of being alive.

4. Mehran: lives at the Airport since 1988

via emgn

via emgn

Mehran Karimi Nasseri is an Iranian refugee who was expelled from his country after a lot of torture. He tried for refuge in many European countries but to no avail. Hence, since 8th August 1988, he has been living at Charles de Gaulle Airport’s departure lounge.
On his way to the United Kingdom, he lost his shoulder bag at RER platform but somehow boarded the plane. However he was sent back to Charles de Gaulle for not having the necessary documents. He had no way to prove his identity to the French officials. He was then sent to the waiting area. Nasseri lives in the departure hall on the lowest floor since then.