10 Myths about Ebola that you did not know

6) Doctors only say that a person is cured when the entire Ebola virus from his body has been destroyed and eliminated. So once the patient has been said to be cured he cannot spread the disease.

7) Animals are the major source for the transportation of Ebola viruses and hence any relation or physical touching with the infected animal should be avoided.

image courtesy : wikipedia

image courtesy : wikipedia

8) There is no permanent, tried and tested cure for the Ebola virus disease. The research is still being carried out and all the isolated success stories are just chances and accidents.

9) If a person is identified with the disease he should be given a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables. This will increase the blood circulation and makes the immune system more powerful to combat against the Ebola virus.

10) The Ebola disease is unpredictable. The death rate of Ebola virus has been found to be as high as 90% and in some regions it has been to be as low as 20%. Therefore the occurrence of death is unsure and all the important precautions and treatment must be strictly followed to avoid the worst.