10 Myths about Ebola that you did not know

The first outbreak of the Ebola virus happened in 1976 at West Africa. The virus spread like wild fire, infecting more than 200 people with a scary death rate of 56%. The highest death rate of Ebola virus is 87%.  Animals including apes and monkeys have been a source for the transmission and transportation of these deadly viruses. There are so many false rumors spread by the internet and other media about this Ebola virus that are not true. Here is a list of such false facts that should be totally ignored.


image courtesy : wikipedia

1) Hygiene and cleanliness is the only way to prevent you from getting this virus. Washing hands and bathing with right soap will eliminate all the chances for the virus from getting into your system.

2) The virus will die after the person dies of the infection. The virus will be active and there is a chance of spreading the virus during the funeral ceremony. Therefore the bodies of all the patients who have died due to Ebola disease should be handled with great caution and professional assistance to prevent the virus from spreading.

image courtesy : Arlington County

image courtesy : Arlington County

3) There are some things that all should be aware of. The virus is spread only through some physical connection and solid contamination, which is not true. The virus can only spread through fluids like semen, urine and saliva and they are not airborne. Being in the same room with an Ebola infected patient won’t contaminate you while touching them does.

4) Ebola virus can break and enter any immune system no matter how healthy and strong the person is. As a result the virus can affect young and old, men and women, strong and weak.

5) Ebola virus can be transmitted through all the possible bodily fluids which will include semen and therefore having sexual relation with the patient can prove to be fatal.