10 astonishing facts about your brain that you didn’t know

7) Right or Left? – We all know that the brain has two parts: left and right working together but they are different in characteristics. The right brain is associated with creative thinking while the left part is associated with analytical thinking. The strange thing however is that the left part of the brain controls the right part and vice versa.


8) Man’s mind or woman’s? – As it turns out the male brain is actually larger in size. But the woman’s brain has more nerve cells in it, making a woman more effective in thinking than a man.


9) Does larger brain size mean more intelligence? – This is a much talked about topic in which researchers take interest. Does a larger brain indicate higher IQ or not? But to point out an exception, Albert Einstein’s brain was smaller than the average brain. Some people however believe that the size of the brain matters when it comes to intelligence.


10) To laugh or not to laugh? – Are human beings the only species that laugh? What causes us to laugh is a real mystery indeed. True laughter it is said is contagious, and there can be millions of reasons that cause it.