10 astonishing facts about your brain that you didn’t know

Brain is the most mysterious organ in the human body. But here are some astonishing facts that you didn’t know about–

1). 210 is the highest IQ recorded till date – Born in March 1972, Kim Ung-Yong has the highest IQ ever recorded by man. He could grasp algebra at the age of 8 months, and was fluent in 4 languages. He was already in the University at the age of 4. He is not only good in analysis but is also a painter and a poet. He graduated from the University at the age of 15.


2) Lucid dreams are actually quite real – So was the movie Inception talking sense? Apparently so. It turns out that in lucid dreams one can actually control the outcomes, just like in the movie Inception.


3) Brain is actually more active when we are sleeping – Contrary to what most people believe, the brain is actually working more when we are asleep.