15 Weird Amazon Items: The Strangest Items for Sale on

10# 55 Gallon Keg of Lube

Experiencing a sudden need for a whole lot of water-based lube?  Well, then get online and get in touch with Amazon.  Lube pump included of course. (source)

55 Gallon Keg of Lube


11# Sigmund Freud Action FIgure

If you want to turn your kids on to psychology, then buy them this awesome Freud action figure with “cigar” included.  A mere $20.  (source)

Sigmund Freud Action Figure


12# Replacement Practice Circumcision Foreskins

Still feeling a little out of your element performing circumcisions?  Buy this infant circumcision replacement kit today so you can practice, practice, practice!  (source)

infant circumcision replacement