15 Weird Amazon Items: The Strangest Items for Sale on

7# “Sexy” Sheep Doll

We’ve all heard about Dolly the cloned sheep, well here’s Dolly the Sexy Inflatable Sheep.  Instant turn on guaranteed!  (source)

Sheep Doll


8# Weener Kleener Soap

Exactly what you think, but can’t imagine what it looks like?  Round yellow plastic circle, one size fits most men.  Hurry and get one today!  (source)

Design Sense Generic Weener Kleener Soap


9# Creepy Holloween Costume

If you’d like to win the prize for the creepiest costume at the Halloween party, you can be sure you will with this spandex special at $79.99.  (source)

Creepy Holloween Costume