15 Weird Amazon Items: The Strangest Items for Sale on

4# Canned Unicorn Meat 

My personal favorite.  For a mere $13.99 you can put a little mythical magic right in your tummy with your own personal can of unicorn meat.  Radiant Farms canned unicorn meat is just an experience you can’t miss! (source)

Canned Unicorn Meat


5# Poop Stress Ball

A stress reliever.  If you really want such a thing then you are already stressed out far more than you know.  Please call 911 and report yourself! (source)

Poop Stress Ball



6# 10lb Bag of Bones

Experiencing a bone shortage?  Well this 10 lb bag of assorted bones will take care of that problem in no time at all.  (source)

10lb. Bag of Bones