Truths that sound like Lies

1) The turtle can breathes through its butt

Yeah you have read that one right? The turtle can actually breathes through its butt. We would like to assume it prefers the conventional way though.

2) Sand is multicolored, believe it or not

When looked under a microscope, sand has multiple textures, colors and shapes.

Sand is multicolored

3) We have drunk the same water dinosaurs did

To achieve homeostasis, Earth is naturally a closed system. For this the water that gets expelled from our body actually comes back recycled. So chances are, the next glass up for drink is the same water that a dino had once had.

4) Folding a paper 42 times would make it reach the moon

It sounds impossible, but according to hypothesis, folding a paper in half would make it grow exponentially in thickness. So this hypothesis suggests that if you can fold it 42 times it would be big enough to reach the moon.

via chacha

via chacha