This is what happens whenever I shave

The Saga of the Perfect Beard

Since the beginning of time men have sported facial hair, or beards or mustaches as they are more commonly called.  Some men look distinguished with a neatly trimmed beard or mustache, others never seem to find the style that’s right for them, and there are those who should never have any facial hair whatsoever.  Just like there some women who love facial hair on a man, and some who can’t stand even one stray whisker.

The cartoon entitled “Every Time I Shave … was funny because it expressed perfectly what happens when men decide to grow a beard but don’t really know the type they want.  You end up trying so many different ways, and studying your appearance in the mirror so hard that you practically end up cross-eyed, then you either simply give up in frustration, or have so little left to work with that you shave your face clean.  In this case you could probably do with a little advice.  Or you could just go with the unusual, like an old-fashioned handle-bar mustache, or one of those long, bushy beards that comes down to your chest. There’s plenty of styles to choose from, but anything unusual is going to be a little difficult to maintain.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Sometimes it’s just not easy being a man.

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