This is probably the most bizarre thing a fisherman has found in a fish’s throat.

James while fishing in Australia’s northern Queensland caught a fish. When James opened the mouth of the fish to see if there is anything inside it. He was astonished to see a live frog in the mouth of a fish. At the first glimpse of this sight James thought that is a small morsel of grass inside, but this green colour amphibian opened its eyes and stared at him. As soon as James clicked the picture of this amphibian residing inside the fish, it hopped on James’s shoulder and went away.

fish with a frog in his throat


This suprising picture of the alienated amphibian inside a fish’s throat was submitted to a reptile magazine, and is currently trending on James’s facebook page too attracting uncountable likes and comments.

fish with a frog in his throat 1


It sounds amazing that some animals have great adaptability to sustain in any given situation. Scientifically humans are the most adaptable leaving being. But with this frogs really are taking us on a troll.

fish with a frog in his throat 2