Personality Traits Based On Tattoo Location


Tattoobs as they’re known as, are for women who are confident enough to bare in a tattoo parlor to get inked. However, there exists a fine line between trailer park and sexy though.

via chacha

via chacha


People who wish to be perceived as unique and edgy go for this. Especially when people get song lyrics or quotes tattooed in this location! Whether the person is feeling artsy or is a hipster, it is better to choose a new location other than any obscure one.


These people love getting naughty in the bedroom. However, they really have slim chances of landing any role in a film or a period series. In short, they need to kiss their dreams goodbye.



These people have a desire to express what lies in their eyes. However, they would have to look comatose to express themselves.

Around the Bellybutton

Maybe these people are hippies who follow their favourite band on tour or these are wannabe marine biologists who wish to save the ocean! In any case, they have a 50-50 chance of landing a role in a pornographic movie someday.


When compared to average ink addicts, these people are much elegant and conservative but deceptively. Being inked in a location that could be obscured from jewelry or by gloves, these people have daring personalities.


Soles of Feet

These are tough people who aren’t afraid of bearing a little pain in the sensitive area. These also don’t think twice about showing off their smelly hooves to people wherever they go.


These people thrive on taking risks and are quite fierce. These would either become a laughing stock or would end up doing great things. Nothing else in between!


If the person inked is a woman, then the tattoo would probably be a butterfly or a rainbow. Better cover this up with socks or pants rather than trying to flaunt that they are spring princess trying to decorate!

via tattoo

via tattoo

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