Personality Traits Based On Tattoo Location


These people like to drink heavily and party a lot. Their tattoo could possibly be a drunken mistake or a joke. These people need to drink madly to get the nerves to flaunt their tattoo which they wouldn’t do when sober.



This hints a daring and risky personality. Probably with a hint of personality disorder as well! These don’t care about what others think about them and love getting crazy.


These have an ardent desire to get inked in locations which requires effort to flaunt.

Pubic Area

A lot of people get inked in order to flaunt their tattoos. This is how you can draw conclusions about their personality. If there is a guy with this tattoo, then he probably loves to fire the pistol. If it’s a girl, then she must pretty much be familiar with a pair of platform shoes and a pole.

via chacha

via chacha