Strange Things Discovered in Toilets


Wombat found in toilet

There’s a wonderful picture taken of world famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma lying on a Chicago bathroom floor and bonding with a little creature known as Wilbur the Wombat.  Yo-Yo- Ma himself requested the meeting, which seemed to delight him.


snake found in toilet

Next we have the saga of a San Antonio Starbucks customer who definitely got a meeting he did not request when he accidentally got up close and personal with a snake in the store’s bathroom.  Not being a huge fan of snakes, the man was naturally a tad unnerved by the experience, but his wife managed to snap a picture of the creature. (source)


Squirrel found in toilet

There’s also the case of a woman living in Winnipeg who discovered a half-drowned squirrel in her toilet.  The critter was small and relatively unthreatening, plus it was fighting for its life, so the quick thinking woman raced into the kitchen for a pair of BBQ tongs and rescued the little fellow with those, placing him in her bathtub. (image)