Strange Things Discovered in Toilets

As anyone who has a child knows, they have the amazing capability of flushing just about anything down the toilet.  Things you would swear could never fit can vanish miraculously right on down with just one flush when a child inserts it in the toilet bowl just right.  Everything from toys, to shoes, to hairbrushes, etc.  But while these items are examples of what can go down a toilet, here are some stunning examples of what has come up in a toilet.


Now you might be wondering what in the world these three creatures have in common, but they all share one big accomplishment.  They were all found after in a toilet.  That’s right.  From the lovely greenish–yellow, bloated fish found in the bathroom of a McDonald’s restaurant, to a rather small, but still disconcerting shark, to a gigantic pig’s head these have all surfaced in toilet’s across the land.

shark found in toilet

As for the shark incident, the unfortunate discovery was made by two women at a waterfront park in South Caroline.  They entered a public restroom and found a shark poking its way out of a public toilet.  Lucky for them the shark was dead when they found it, but park authorities investigated the matter and stated that they are absolutely that the shark did not got into the toilet on its own.  This was obviously some very bored person’s idea of a fun prank.  Authorities said that it could not have simply swum up into the toilet and gotten stuck there.  Naturally the two women were upset, but they did manage to get a photograph of the shark, however, it’s not likely they’ll be visiting a public restroom any time soon. (source)


fish found in toilet



pig found in toilet

And for what’s probably the find of the century in a public toilet, a local rowing club in Amsterdam took a photograph of a pig’s head found in the toilet.  But the porcine intruder was placed there as part of a hazing ritual, so it’s not likely that there’s someone going around carrying a sackful of pig’s heads and depositing them in public toilets throughout Amsterdam. (source)