10 signs you are dating a psychopath

Is your man a psychopath? You may think your man can never be one of those, but think again. Psychopaths come across as extremely charming people. So unless you know the true signs of a psychopath, you may never know who you’re actually dating. Here are 10 signs which define common psychopath traits.

1) Flattering: Psychopaths can flatter you like no one else. For example, on the first date, they will complement you on your wittiness, looks, etc. They will “love bomb” you for many months or years, until they shut it off and you are left wanting it all your life.

2) He is your soul mate: A psychopath will try to convince you that he is just like you. He will say he likes all the things which you do. He tries to become your “mirror”. This is because he does not have a separate identity of his own.

3) Begs pity: Pay attention to what he has been complaining about since the first date. Is his mother ruthless? Is his ex girlfriend stalking him? Do people always use and abuse him? This may be what he does to people.

4) Illnesses: Psychopaths love pity and may report several injuries. Did he lose his first wife to a car accident which led him to mental trauma (and yet he seems to be talking just fine)? Check with the hospitals for his stories. But don’t be surprised if it was untrue.

via magforwomen

via magforwomen

5) Best sex ever: Those who have been with a psychopath, often report that it is the best they have ever got. This is because a psychopath will go to any lengths to be in your good books but once you are hooked, they stop giving it.