#1 Commencement Of Lunacy

img : foxnews
img : foxnews

The seductive packing of Perrier, the French sparkling in 1976 water attracted a lot of consumers as well as controversies regarding the leaching of chemicals from plastic material of the bottles.

#2 Bottled Water Idea

Fairfax Water Organization stated that the average price of water is $1.50/1,000 gallons, whereas bottled water costs $3. Imagine the profits soda companies make!

#3 Marketing Gimmicks

Bottled water is being marketed as pure and clean by catchy ad slogans which have rooted fear in the minds of the people regarding tap water consumption.

Reasons to stay away from bottled water1

#4 The Consequences

Marketing gimmicks have boosted bottled water consumption. 1.5 million tons of plastic go into making these bottles and the manufacturing units release various toxins into the environment.

#5 Health and Safety

Many tests have confirmed the presence of arsenic and carcinogenic compounds in bottled water as there aren’t strict rules governing the quality.

#6 Reviewing Ecosystems

Coca-cola, Nestle and Pepsi are earning billions of dollars by selling bottled water. Sucking spring water from underground aquifers is resulting in drying up of nearby water bodies.