Real Stories of Kids Risking Their Lives to Reach School


Gondola bridges are not a form of recreation in Nepal, they are a necessity.  The country has many mountains and good roads are hard to come by, so children use these hand-made bridges composed of planks, improvised ropes and pulleys, without any safety harnesses and double security restraint to get to school.  For decades, this appalling lack of security has caused frequent accidents.  Luckily, several NGOs are presently undertaking to build safe bridges and gondolas in order to lessen the amount of accidents.


Refugee Camp Suafat, near Jerusalem 

Finally, this picture is truly enough to make you stop and think twice about your own life.  At a time when there were clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinians in the refugee camp Shuafat, which is near Jerusalem, a little girl is seen calmly walking towards her school seemingly not giving a second thought to the violence taking place around her.  The street is covered with rocks which have been thrown by protesters at Israeli troops who can be viewed behind the girl using protective shields.



Columbia, Rainforest

In Columbia there are a few families living in the rainforest, located 40 miles southeast of the capital Bogota.  The children from these families must commute to school via steel cables connecting one side of the valley to the other.  There is no other way to reach school.  The steel cables are 800 meters in length and are strung 400 m above the rushing Rio Negro.  Children literally fly across these cables at 50 miles per hour and reach the other side in an incredible 60 seconds.