You probably didn’t know about these filthy secrets of Apple

4. High selling cost

If you properly evaluate the production cost and selling cost of the apple gadgets then you will notice a huge gap. Reports say that, the production cost of iphones are nearly $207 but the selling price of them to the wireless carriers are almost $580. Now, the wireless carriers again sell the iphones making some more profit. This chain process is still prevalent in the market today.

They Sell iPhones WAAAAAAY Above Cost

5. Lack of innovative product

The first iphone was launched in the year 2007 and from that time onwards, apple have been enhancing the products with some more additional features, but nothing new has been implemented since then.

6. Usage of conflict mineral

Instead of banning the use of coltan mineral which has been the root cause of war, apple uses this mineral as it is a good conductor of heat and electricity.


7. Beware, you are being observed

The most awful part is that, your phone calls, text messages can be accessed by the government and Prism is the name of the NSA program behind it.

Let the Government Spy on You

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