9 People who were found dead Years after their death

1. The Croatian Woman Who Sat Dead in Front of Her TV for 42 Years

The corpse of a woman was found in front of her TV after almost 42 years she was reported to be missing. Born in 1924, Hedviga Golik had made herself a cup of tea prior to getting seated in her favorite armchair.

found dead Years after their death1

She was found by bailiffs and police when they broke into her flat with the help of authorities who actually owned the flat. Officers described the experience to be stepping backward into a frozen time. The cup which she used to drink her tea was still lying on the table next to her chair. Irrespective of numerous actions by the tenants, none responded to their pleas and notices for almost four decades.

2. The Lonely Florida Woman Was Dead for Three Years Before Being Found

found dead Years after their death5

The decomposed body of Geneva Chambers was found in August 2013 in her Florida house. The Police officials upon investigation found out that the woman preferred solitude when alive. The court documents disclosed that all the utilities were turned off by June 2010. A year old mail addressed to the 68 year old Geneva Chambers was found in the house and last known human contact was made in April 2010 during a pawn transaction.