World’s Most Expensive Virginities

Human beings are smart enough to sell things which are demanded. Due to social stigma and owing to man’s primal instincts, virginity is one of those things which are revered by the men and most men would love to spend millions just to enjoy

13 Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

1) At an airport, two kids embraced each other. They had not seen each other before. But the sight moved the onlookers. 2) A 1$ bill was left by some kind hearted human at a vending machine to help all the poor with food.

10 Myths about Ebola that you did not know

The first outbreak of the Ebola virus happened in 1976 at West Africa. The virus spread like wild fire, infecting more than 200 people with a scary death rate of 56%. The highest death rate of Ebola virus is 87%.  Animals including apes and

Zodiac Signs Being Drunk

What the Star Signs Tell You About Being Drunk Aries: An Aries person can become brutally honest when they are drunk. They can get super hilarious while being rowdy at the same time. Once drunk, Aries can be the most fun people around. They

18 of the funniest photos ever

Photography is an art which can lead to different emotions. Sometime it turns into an art creating laughter in the most innocent form. Here are 18 such pictures that will leave you wondering and laughing at the same time. These are a collection of

Truths that sound like Lies

1) The turtle can breathes through its butt Yeah you have read that one right? The turtle can actually breathes through its butt. We would like to assume it prefers the conventional way though. 2) Sand is multicolored, believe it or not When looked under a

30 Things to do before turning 30

#1 CAST YOUR VOTE Practice the right that you got. Cast a vote to feel like a responsible adult. #2 GO ON A CRAZY BLIND DATE When people ask you about crazy stories to tell, this should be one of them. Do something unlike

The worst playgrounds for kids

What to avoid in a playground. Children can play, socialize and exercise in a playground which is why seldom do we get to see any crude or out-of-place fixtures there. Here are some exceptions with some of the bizarre and disturbing things to avoid