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Many scientists believe that as soon as you get out of your bed, you must drink at least six glasses of water to derive multiple health benefits. You can start with a fewer glasses of water and then increase your water intake every day. Once you start this simple regime, even before you brush your teeth, you will get relief from many health ailments such as blood pressure, gastric problems, constipation, etc. You can also prevent many deadly diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease, tuberculosis, cancer, ear and throat disease, epilepsy, uterine disease, headaches, and many such life threatening diseases.

Most of the Chinese and Japanese people follow the culture of taking hot tea along with meals instead of cold water. It is said that cold water freezes the fat that is released from the oils and other fats in food that we take. This gives the fat more space and time to breathe into the intestines and make their dwelling for a long time, leading to cancer. This happens because when you drink cold water along with the food, it reacts with the acid present in the stomach and gets absorbed into the lines of the intestines and stays there and get accumulated without your knowledge.