13 most haunting girl ghosts in the world today

Olive Thomas: She was the first flapper girl the world had ever seen, died at a young age of 25. Incidentally, she took mercury dichloride which was actually intended for her husband – who was suffering from syphilis. She is said to still haunt the theatre of New Amsterdam, New York City, flirting with men before her disappearance. The stories of her haunting are so prominent here, that performers often conclude the day by saying “Goodbye, Olive”.

Bloody Mary: This is one of the most well known stories. Legend has it that when you stand in the dark in front of a mirror, holding only a lit candle in your hands, chanting “bloody Mary” three times, you will be able to see her ghostly face appear. It is believed that one of the witches of Salem punished the Queen Mary I by binding her with a spell of such sort.

The Grey Woman: There are several tales of Grey women ghosts around the UK. This name was even used in the recent Harry Potter series. The image of a more recent such specter was captured at Dudley Castle in England.

via Mirror

via Mirror

The blue lady: This tale, dating back to the prohibition era, claims that you can see a blue lady at Moss Beach in California.