12 Completely Ridiculous Bathrooms

10. Kumutoto Toilets, New Zealand

Created to look just like giant sea monsters, it remains a mystery just exactly how one would use one of these toilets, or why one would want to.  Besides, should New Zealand have giant kiwi toilets, or maybe a giant emu?

11. Pop-Up Bathroom 

Hey, hit and run bathroom!  This public bathroom in Denmark emerges from the ground as if by magic.  So if you visit Denmark, be careful where you walk.  At any time a bathroom could come zooming up from the ground and send you flying.  Try explaining that one to your doctor.

12. Collapsing Rubik’s Floor

Solving this Rubik’s puzzle gives you something interesting to do while sitting and answering nature’s call, but if you fail down you go!

via imgur

via imgur