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Real Stories of Kids Risking Their Lives to Reach School

The average child or teenager attending school here in the United States considers it a great inconvenience if they have to wait an extra ten minutes in the rain the the school bus to arrive.  But there are some schoolchildren who must endure much more just to get to their destination. Genguan to Bijle, China

9 Things That Happen To You When You Die, According To These People.

After Death Experiences: Is there a life after death? This is a question deliberated by several philosophers, scientists, the devotionals etc. Nobody knows when will he take his last breathe. This is an unanswered question. However, some people have claimed that they have been dead and they have seen their afterlife. Though they were then

The Most Insane Body Piercings Ever

Sometimes people deliberately mark their bodies with tattoos or piercings.  Not just something small, but something that can’t be missed.  Perhaps they’re seeking attention, or maybe they want to make some sort of statement.  Who knows.  It could be for any number of reasons.  But here are some examples of people who have gone above

10 Most Bizarre Vending Machines in Japan

What would you think if your country were known for having one of the highest vending machine densities in the world?  Well that’s what Japan is known for, along with many other things of course.  They officially have 1 vending machine for every 23 people.  If you manage to walk 100 meters and haven’t come

40 Weird Photos From History

Nowadays with the Internet spawning social media sites and a host of other places for people to come and get a few laughs, or marvel at something amazing, or stare dumbfounded at things so strange you can’t imagine what on earth they were meant to be, we’re left with the impression that we live in

This is what happens whenever I shave

The Saga of the Perfect Beard Since the beginning of time men have sported facial hair, or beards or mustaches as they are more commonly called.  Some men look distinguished with a neatly trimmed beard or mustache, others never seem to find the style that’s right for them, and there are those who should never

Introducing the Real-Life Barbie: Valeria Lukyanova

Introducing the Real-Life Barbie: Valeria Lukyanova Unbelievable as it may seem that anyone would actually take deliberate steps involving plastic surgery to make themselves look like Barbie, 27 year old Valeria Lukyanova has done so. The Ukrainian woman has achieved world fame as the “Living Barbie,” because her face and body are nearly an exact

Creepy, Spine-Tingling Vintage Halloween Photos

 Back in the old days Halloween meant something quite different to people living in Europe than it did to us here in the United States. Oh the concept still remained the same, but the amount of scariness was definitely over and above the top. No innocent fun there. 1.) We’re talking about gruesome images of

The 11 Most Unbelievable Tattoos You’ve Ever Seen

Once you make the decision to get a tattoo, there is a mind-boggling array of designs you can make your selection from.  Who’s to say why people opt for the ones they do.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a matter of personal taste.  Other times they are influenced by the latest trends, and sometimes they

Strange Things Discovered in Toilets

As anyone who has a child knows, they have the amazing capability of flushing just about anything down the toilet.  Things you would swear could never fit can vanish miraculously right on down with just one flush when a child inserts it in the toilet bowl just right.  Everything from toys, to shoes, to hairbrushes,

America’s Most Haunted Places

From Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary, where prisoners were kept in unending isolation, to The Lizzie Borden House In Massachusetts, to a plantation in Louisiana, stories of haunted places abound. Some people think that they are simply made-up stories designed to lure tourists so that towns can profit, others think they are the result of overactive