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Truths that sound like Lies

1) The turtle can breathes through its butt Yeah you have read that one right? The turtle can actually breathes through its butt. We would like to assume it prefers the conventional way though. 2) Sand is multicolored, believe it or not When looked under a microscope, sand has multiple textures, colors and shapes. 3) We have

The worst playgrounds for kids

What to avoid in a playground. Children can play, socialize and exercise in a playground which is why seldom do we get to see any crude or out-of-place fixtures there. Here are some exceptions with some of the bizarre and disturbing things to avoid in any playground: 1) He probably needs an undergarment 2) Looks

90s vs Now

A lot has changed since the 1990s. Let’s take a look at how our perspectives and daily lives have shifted in the past decade or so… #1 Picking up a friend #2 Halloween #3 Teen pregnancy #4 Television

Most bizarre Apple products

Certain Apple Products Tell That In the 80’s It Wasn’t So Cool Today, Apple is undoubtedly the most sought after trendsetting company. Everyone, especially the generation of 25-35 aged populace dreams of acquiring the latest Apple products. People above the age of 50 owning the products are termed as “Cool”. However, if taken a peep

Brilliant test answers given by kids

We all have had the urge to give some funny answers to our test questions. Sometimes we give wrong answers which turn out to be funnier than they were intended to be. Whatever the case may be, written below are some of the most hilarious answers even written in an exam. It is hard to

10 of the Strangest People in the World

1. Ngoc: 30 years without sleeping Hai Ngoc, a 64 years old man claims that he has not slept since 1973, after getting a fever back then. Since then, he has had around 11,700 continuous sleepless nights. He says that he doesn’t feel any adverse impact of his insomnia on his health and continues to

10 Craziest Dowry Stories that you’ll come across

1. iPhone-6 demanded by a groom as dowry  A Saudi man demanded an iPhone-6 to be given as dowry from the man who proposed to his sister. The marriage cannot proceed until the suitor fulfills the demands of the bride’s brother.    2. A farmer demanded dowry from a man who was caught raping his goat  

Ghosts Yelling In Empty Hotel Room Caught On Camera

On September 14th, 2003, at the Wingate Hotel in Illinois a strange event was unintentionally documented by the hotel’s security staff. They were checking in on an unbooked and supposedly empty room in their hotel building after reports of someone repeatedly screaming inside it and they ran into something very strange. The clip includes some of

What does your birthmark say about you

We all are entwined by the past and the present when birth marks are indelibly dented onto an individual’s physical body. This is due to two reasons. Firstly, the body has not had enough time between its manifestations to nursing back to health. And secondly, the mind needs to reconnect with the past life trauma

9 People who were found dead Years after their death

1. The Croatian Woman Who Sat Dead in Front of Her TV for 42 Years The corpse of a woman was found in front of her TV after almost 42 years she was reported to be missing. Born in 1924, Hedviga Golik had made herself a cup of tea prior to getting seated in her

12 Completely Ridiculous Bathrooms

If you want a good laugh, or in some cases a good shiver, just read about the following “creative” bathrooms and wonder what the individuals who came up with these ideas were drinking at the time.  Hint:  It wasn’t lemonade! 1. Horn Bathroom Want to play a few notes while you take the time to