The general benefits of drinking beer for your health

Anti ageing:- Beer increases the potency of Vitamin E which is already present in the body. Vitamin E is a natural source of antioxidant.

Prevent Coronary diseases:- Beer provokes the increase of good cholesterols in the body by at least 10- 20 %. This reduces the risk of coronary diseases and dementia as well.

Aids metabolism:- it stimulates the production of gastric acid, gastrin and other pancreatic enzymes, thus providing a major aid in metabolite activities.

Gall and kidney stones: Beer is low in sodium but high in potassium, also being rich in magnesium; it prevents the formation of kidney stones. Studies have shown that regular beer consumption in moderate amounts reduces bile concentration.


Reducing hypertension and acting as a diuretic:- Like other variants of alcohol, beer reduces stress and helps good sleep. People who drink beer regularly in moderate amounts have reported lower blood pressures compared to wine drinkers. Apart from these it also acts as a diuretic by removing toxins from the body through urine.

Clean the intestinal tract:- It contains soluble fibers which are easily digested and good for the heart.

Moderate amounts of beer consumption are rather beneficial for the human body. However excessive drinking of beer may have other harmful effects.