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Tale of a family and their pet lion

Actress Tippi Henderson and her family wanted to make a film about lions. In order to do so, they had to know more about these majestic creatures. So they followed the advice of animal trainer Ron Oxley and began living with them. The family got this idea after returning from their holiday in Africa. It

Common reasons that Cause Sagging of Breasts in Women

Aging causes the breasts in women to lose their elasticity and eventually leads to sagging. It is pointless for a middle aged woman to expect her breasts to look the same as they were when she was 20. However, following few simple tips can slow down the sagging process. Avoid See-Saw Weight Loss and Gain

10 Uncommon Birth Marks

At first glance anyone would confuse this with a wolf man straight from the X-men series. But look closely, you will notice there is actually a giant mole and hair surrounding it. Zhang Hongming, a man from Chongqing, south east China, carried a nickname “Chimpanzee”. The man has a rare birth mark that only about

The mindboggling creation of a human life

The birth of another human being is miraculous in its very nature. We never truly get to see what happens; even if there were ultrasound systems and other apparatus, the real work remains behind the veil. But nevertheless, those grainy black and white images of the ultrasounds, give us a major boost. I remember seeing

13 most haunting girl ghosts in the world today

The ladies have had it hard for a longtime since the beginning of history. Much of their lives are rooted in trauma and losses. Even though many of these ghosts appear to be spooky, they have actually lived a sad life. So treat ladies with respect, even if only to stay safe past the midnight….

Reasons to stay away from bottled water

#1 Commencement Of Lunacy The seductive packing of Perrier, the French sparkling in 1976 water attracted a lot of consumers as well as controversies regarding the leaching of chemicals from plastic material of the bottles. #2 Bottled Water Idea Fairfax Water Organization stated that the average price of water is $1.50/1,000 gallons, whereas bottled water

10 Things You Love That Are Banned in the Bible

1# Bacon “And the pig, though it has a divided hoof, does not chew the cud; it is unclean for you. You must not eat their meat or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you.” – Leviticus 11:7-8 Bacon, one of the tastiest meats, has been banned by the bible to be eaten. It

You probably didn’t know about these filthy secrets of Apple

Behind every success story there lies a secret. There is always something to be compromised with, and some things that must remain in the dark. The famous Apple gadgets and their discoveries sell in the present market like hot cakes and there is no doubt about the fact that the gadgets belong to the top

Reap 5 benefits by taking a shower with your partner

Today’s hectic lifestyle takes away all the time for people to indulge in romantic encounters often with your partner. It is vital to stay connected with your partner every single day. So why not try connecting while taking a shower? You can make a large difference in your life by getting intimate with the person

World’s Most Expensive Virginities

Human beings are smart enough to sell things which are demanded. Due to social stigma and owing to man’s primal instincts, virginity is one of those things which are revered by the men and most men would love to spend millions just to enjoy a few tissues of skin being broken during intercourse, apparently. A