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7 things to avoid after eating

Every time we finish our meal, we hear our parents saying something to us, but we are always in the rush to do the next big thing, so we let that pass. If you haven’t considered them up until now, this might be the right time to start doing what has been advised. Time is

10 Crazy Laws in Foreign Countries

Here are some crazy laws which you may find abroad :- 1) Do not chew Gum in Singapore – this act has been banned in Singapore for the last two decades, since this city is highly cautious about keeping its streets clean.   2) Do not Die in Sarpourenx – In this village at south

10 astonishing facts about your brain that you didn’t know

Brain is the most mysterious organ in the human body. But here are some astonishing facts that you didn’t know about– 1). 210 is the highest IQ recorded till date – Born in March 1972, Kim Ung-Yong has the highest IQ ever recorded by man. He could grasp algebra at the age of 8 months,

What This Wolf Spider Is Carrying Will Certainly Scare You!

This giant Arachnid was filmed by two Missouri men when they came across it and got awestruck by what this scary spider was carrying. While practicing their craft, the two men came across this 4 inch long spider walking along the space. To their horror, a close inspection of this spider revealed that the spider

Irish Son Rises Out Of Icy Sea and Surprises Mother

Stephen Nolan had informed his mother that he wouldn’t be making to his hometown in Ireland for a family wedding. She didn’t even have the least idea that she would end up being surprised by her son’s return. Stephen had been working in Australia since several years and he wanted to do something special to

10 benefits of having huge breasts

It may sound funny but actually having bigger breasts can be a life saver. Read on to know how. 1) Swimming: According to research, there are adipose tissues present in breasts which might even help the woman stay afloat in water. 2) Fertile: Larger breasts indicate higher fertility as the hormones needed for fertility are present

Random Facts Sound Crazy, But Are Actually Very True

1) If you stretched out all the DNA in your body it would be six times the distance from the Sun to Pluto. Each one of your cells has about 3 meters of DNA and you have 10 trillion cells in your body. 2) Wombats poop cubes. 3) Horses can’t breath through their mouths. 4) There is an immortal

Practice these 5 easy-to-follow steps for great oral hygiene

More than embarrassing, a bad breath and yellow teeth could be bad for your health. Unhygienic tooth could also cause bacteria to develop in your mouth and could stem various diseases. So it is important to maintain a good oral health. Here are a few ways to do it – Brush your teeth – The

Personality Traits Based On Tattoo Location

Lower Back Women who get inked on their lower back should be perceived as sexually allure and they possess a mysterious vibe. This implies that buying a drink would certainly work in your favour. Face People who get face tattoos don’t conform to any rules of the society. These are totally freaks and are most

7 unhealthiest habits

Sleeping through the night with full make-up on Those foundations are nothing but chemicals which are rather an irritation for your skin and have no better effects. In fact going through the day with them itself is very harmful, let alone going 24hours. They clog the pores and don’t allow enough perspiration to leave the

10 Funny Coffee Mugs To Wake Up With

If you are like most people you probably cannot wake up without a warm cup of coffee. Add some humor to your early morning drink with one of these coffee mugs, like this one which seems all fine at a first look! 1- Wait for the sip: this funny coffee mug seems all harmless until one

How To Heal Cavities Naturally

Healing cavities naturally The world is slowly recognizing the fact that when we substitute our food habits with the things that our body really wants, we can heal a lot of things which we otherwise thought were impossible. Dental cavities are a fine example of that. There was a time when the world assumed dental