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The Shocking Results Of Dog Breeding, Before And After

When I Just Learned The Truth About Dogs, It Made Me Sick. #1 Bull Terrier Today’s bull terrier looks like a dummy of the original. The skull has evolved a sharp look and the abdomen has become thicker with a complex tail and faces chasing difficulties. #2 Basset Hound The torso has become noticeably lower

10 Rarely Seen Moments In History

1) A 17 year old Pele on a street of Sweden before the 1958 World Cup 2) John Lennon signs an autograph for Mark Chapman, the man who would murder him, December 8, 1980 3) A German soldier lights his cigarette with a flame thrower, circa 1941 4) Bobby Fischer playing 50 opponents simultaneously at

10 Most Funny Bad Translations of Ads

When it comes to marketing we have surely come a long way. These Ads were perfectly fine in English, but when translated in other languages they took a whole new level of funny meanings. 1. KFC: When they opened first in China in 1987, their ad “Finger lickin’ good” was accidentally translated into “We will

The Maiden: What Killed Her Might Save Your Life!

I have always been fascinated by history and even took a paleo-anthropology course at my university, so the following story is right up my alley. In my readings and researches, I have learned of a young (15 years old) Incan female who has come to be known as “The Maiden”. Her mummified body was found

Eight of the Craziest Weight-Loss Methods

How far would you go to lose weight? Here are some bizarre things that people are ready to do every day to lose weight. 1. Injecting yourself with urine: Just when you thought that no other forms of diets were available, someone just came up with this concept of injecting urine to lose weight. Sheryl

These five are the last living women born in 1800s

Only 5 people born in the 1800s are alive now, and all of them are women. 1. Misao Owaka, Japan – Born in March 5, 1898, She is the oldest person on Earth right now, with an age of 116. 2. Jeralean Talley, United States – Born on May 23, 1899 3. Gertrude Weaver, United

11 strange things happen when you consume sugar

How much sugar do you consume every day? Do you think twice before taking in the amount of sugar that you do? You should, because doctors now say that sugar may be extremely harmful for your body. Too much sugar may affect your body in strange ways– 1. It fattens your organs: Due to the

The Creepiest Ever Vintage Pictures of Clowns

There is no doubt that many find clowns creepy. People who don’t suffer from Coulrophobia [The Fear of Clowns] even find clowns to be disturbing. It is becoming more and more obvious that clowns have had a dark side. These pictures of clowns will certainly give you goose bumps. 1.) Creepy eyes!   2.) A

Infer Your Health by the Smell and Color of Your Urine

You can draw vital clues about your overall health by the wastes produced by your body. Your body gets rid of toxins when the kidneys filter water soluble and excess water out of your blood. A toxin build up in your body can render you ill. Your urine consists of yeast, bacteria, sugar and even

16 Creepy Circus Pictures

If you thought circus was fun, check what it actually looked like back in the old days: The creepy Albino, Unzine A performer with a deformed hand A performer with a deformed hand, which looks like lobster claws, but is actually a disease known as ectrodactyly. Pip and Flip Pip and Flip, the twins with

This Is What Happens When The Public Sees A Woman Abusing A Man

When it comes to Man v/s Woman, we have innumerable people taking woman’s side. We see lot of posts on various social networking websites commenting on how a woman is victimized, how this so called male dominating society is suppressing women on every front. Looking at the popularity of woman oriented posts on social networking

The Amazing Transformation-man Who can turn into any Celebrity

What difference does makeup make to your looks? We have heard that often. Well, Paolo Ballesteros, a Fillipino television host can change himself into several female celebrity avatars using a little bit of makeup, a wig and contacts. We can see the results, and these are pretty impressive. Some of our favorites are Katy Perry

The general benefits of drinking beer for your health

Beer has many health benefits which are not commonly known. These include increased bone density, reducing risk of cardiovascular and coronary disease, anti ageing and so many more. Apart from these, it’s anti stressing and diuretic properties are well known. Beer is an alcoholic beverage which is most commonly consumed by people in North America