America’s Most Haunted Places

From Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary, where prisoners were kept in unending isolation, to The Lizzie Borden House In Massachusetts, to a plantation in Louisiana, stories of haunted places abound. Some people think that they are simply made-up stories designed to lure tourists so that towns can profit, others think they are the result of overactive imaginations, many believe that they are just plain lies told by individuals seeking either attention or profit. While most ghost stories do have a grain of truth in them, that’s usually all the reality found when investigators go searching for the truth. Just a small grain. The usual ghost story is a concoction of vivid imagination, rumor, and a desire to play on people’s fears. The motives of the teller are normally dubious.

 #1 Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 In Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary visitors have claimed to have heard frightening unexplained noises and footsteps, and to have seen specters. The place has the honor of being America’s first solitary confinement prison, and the extremeness of this punishment is said to have led to insanity in many of the inmates.