Everyone sees imperfections in their bodies when they look in the mirror.  We all have something about ourselves that we’d like to change if we could.  Fortunately, for most of us the problem isn’t all that serious and we don’t feel compelled to do anything about it.  But for people suffering from unsightly scars or body imperfections, sometimes turning to a tattoo artist can be a huge relief.

 1.  Good As Gone

Those nasty scars were completely and effectively covered by a brilliant hibiscus flower design.  This vivid tattoo is just the thing for those scars to remain unnoticed.

via funnie.st


2.  Cat Cover-Up

This decision must’ve been a long time coming, as it involved not only covering up a scar, but an underlying tattoo which had been there before the scar.  Puurrrrrfect solution.

via funnie.st
via funnie.st


3.  Devil May Care

Looking to cover up multiple scars?  A tattoo of a warrior resembling the devil himself can take care of that problem.  No more scars to see.

via tattooartists.org
via tattooartists.org