9 Things That Happen To You When You Die, According To These People.

7# Hear and see everyone.

You can see and hear everyone. A number of people have narrated about their ability to see a lot of people in their room with them where they were lying unconscious. Their attempt to interact with them went in vain as their body is lifeless but their consciousness or their spirit remains awake throughout the session.


8# Peace/Calmness:

Most of the dead people that have been brought back to life after death stated that they felt an overpowering sense of peace and calmness when they were unconscious. It is so irresistible and loving that the conscious soul doesn’t know how to state in simple words about the calming experience they had. According to them, it is a sense of tranquility that none could ever experience before dying.


9# Protective Angels:

An ample of people has asserted that they have seen at least one Angel or Holy Spirit looking at them. They seemed to take care of them during their end time. They were supposed to help them to come out of their pain in death’s grasp. Some even say that they are being succored by the spirit through the afterlife before they were sent back to their original body.

Guardian angel, by Pietro da Cortona

Guardian angel, by Pietro da Cortona

After experiencing these situations, one would never love to come down to pay a visit to hell when he is already at peace in Heaven.

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