9 Things That Happen To You When You Die, According To These People.

After Death Experiences:

Is there a life after death? This is a question deliberated by several philosophers, scientists, the devotionals etc. Nobody knows when will he take his last breathe. This is an unanswered question. However, some people have claimed that they have been dead and they have seen their afterlife. Though they were then brought back to life.  What they have told is really spellbinding and reassuring. Surely this is a feeling of weightlessness. Strange things appear and they are spooky too. Not every experience is positive. Some even pay a visit to the hell and are tortured by the Devil. These are a set of 9 things that people who have had a near-to-death experience or probably were dead meanwhile have experienced.

1# Life Spark

During this time when you are in your afterlife, you relive all your best and worst moments. People have stated that they have seen their past lives flash all before their eyes in near death or even post death experiences. They claimed to see their activities and their memories play out like a video slideshow before their eyes.


2# Sighting dead relatives

During your afterlife, you get to see all your dead relatives in a large number. Many people who have died and then came back to life have claimed that they have seen their dead relatives around them. Perceptibly, they have seen them greeting each other and enjoying a large party during their afterlife.


3# You don’t wish to return back

The experience of death is so beautiful that people have claimed that they do not wish to return back to their normal life. The feeling is so calming that it is quite uneasy to accept that someone could say yes to death and no to life. The experience of after death is so calming and peaceful.