7 things to avoid after eating

5) Never drink tea after meals – Tea shouldn’t be consumed after meals. It is downright harmful. The most nutritious tea should itself be consumed at least a good one and a half hour before the meal.


6) Bathing after the meals is a bad habit – if you didn’t know it already, a lot of homeostasis is going on within the body right after your meal. You will just disrupt your inner balance if you shower right after your meal. Digestion itself requires a lot of energy. If you really need to shower, take 30 minutes after your meal and then go on with it.


7) Never go for walks immediately after a meal – we have all heard about how walking after a meal helps digest it to a great extent. But that just might not be completely true. Walking right after your meal may result in some serious indigestion or acid refluxes. So take a good 30 minutes post your meal and then go in for a walk. That is the suggestion.