Every time we finish our meal, we hear our parents saying something to us, but we are always in the rush to do the next big thing, so we let that pass. If you haven’t considered them up until now, this might be the right time to start doing what has been advised. Time is ticking and soon you will have to work harder to maintain your health –

1) Never ever smoke after your dinner – smoking is bad enough already and after having your meal it can have 10 times the effect. So beware before taking that next puff. They can be bad for you after you consume your meal, before you have them or even if you have them empty stomach. Just steer clear of them right away.

via : wikimedia
via : wikimedia


 2) Post meal siesta is a strict no, no – Never doze off after having your meal. When we have our food, we get energy and if that energy isn’t expelled out in the form of some activity it can store up in the body in the form of fats. To avoid this, you must always stay awake after your meal. That burning sensation in your food pipe which you get after you sleep is real– your food pipe corrodes.

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3) Never have fruits after your meal – Fruits are the best sources of some important minerals. So we think we can have them all the time. But hey, newsflash: Fruits consumed right after meal can actually be harmful. Fruit gets stuck to your stomach and doesn’t allow the food to get digested.

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4) Loosening belt after meal – We all loosen up our belts after we have had a lot to eat, which is pretty bad itself.

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